Finance is available to approved Australian resident applicants for investment in Collegiate Investment Contracts.

Loan summary:

– Loan ratios. Loans of up to 60% of investment and fees and charges are available. The amount of loan available varies according to the underlying life settlement in the Investment Contract. Higher loan ratios are available to life settlements with longer life expectancies while lower loan ratios are available for life settlements with shorter life expectancies.

– Rates. Current rates are 7% pa. Rates vary according to market conditions.

– Security. A charge is taken over the Collegiate Investment Contract.

– Individuals only. Loans are not currently available to companies and trusts.

– Payments. Annual in advance. If payments are made other than annually, installments must be made by direct debit.


Submit to the lender:

– Completed and signed Loan Kit and Loan Agreement.
– Copy of photo ID. Driver’s license or passport
– Copy of last tax return.
– Completed and signed Direct Debit Request

Applications are processed with 48 hours.

Loan Agreement
Loan Kit