The Firm

The Collegiate Group was founded in 2003 and has clients including Hedge Funds, Private Equity and High Networth Individuals.

The Group is a specialist in longevity assets and more particularly life settlements. Collegiate has developed expertise in the underwriting, management, and tracking of longevity assets. It has also developed products to hedge life extension risk and provide capital protection.

The sophistication of the life expectancies is such that actual to expected data is showing variation of 0.76 months on average. In other words the life expectancy underwriting is accurate to within one month of expectation. 1 This is subject to negative selection by sellers of policies. Policy owners with short maturities are less likely to sell than policy owners with long maturities.

Collegiate’s expertise has bought together management tools and structuring that gives fixed term investments with high yield potential, capital stable and windfall potential.

1 A New Methodology for Measuring Actual to Expected Performance, Daniel Bauer & Jochen Ruβ, 2012 Georgia State University